New LG G4 design details emerge from Earnings Report

LG Logo

The LG G3 was announced in May of last year before hitting the streets in June. It’s no secret that LG has big plans for the LG G4, and many though it would be shown off at MWC in March. Well, recent reports suggested that wasn’t going to be the case, and today we learned a bit more about the LG G4.

Motorola Valentine’s Day Sale offers up deep discounts

motorola valentine sale

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and whether you’re single or taken, we all love a good sale. We expect to see a few Valentine’s Day Sales pop up in the coming days, but Motorola has gotten a jump on things by offering customers up to $140 off.

Vivo X5 Max L specs revealed through new TENAA listing

Vivo X5 Max L

Thin is in. Nobody wants a bulky phone in their pocket, and each year smartphone get a bit thinner as the tech behind them gets better. The Vivo X5 Max is one of the slimmest devices on the planet, and now the Vivo X5 Max L specs have shown us a handset that’s a bit thicker, but more affordable.

Project Ara display module unveiled with Sennheiser audio module concepts

project ara audio concept

We’ve talked about Project Ara several times over the past year, and the modular handset will roll into stores sometime later this year. Google’s given us a lot to drool over thus far, and now we’re getting a look at some of the modules we may see in the near future.

OnePlus Two release date delayed to Q3


As troublesome as the OnePlus One has been at times, people are clamoring for a sequel. We already know one is in the works, but a new report suggest the OnePlus Two release date has been bumped back to a date a bit later than expected.

The Coolpad Ivvi specs revealed through TENAA listing

coolpad lvvi

A few days ago, we told you about the Coolpad Ivvi. The smartphone was thought to be the “thinnest” device around, but that may not be the case. A new TENAA listing has shown us the Coolpad Ivvi specs, and it makes us wonder what the company’s definition of thin is.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumored to sport a 20MP rear camera with OIS

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 b

Each week, the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors get a little stronger, and it’s to be expected as we’re only a month away from the company’s next flagship. At this point, we “think” we know about everything there is to know about the device’s innards, and a new report suggests the rear camera is going to be something special.

New T-Mobile SCORE! program leak reveals Special Handset Pricing

t-mobile logo

Yesterday, we told you about the new T-Mobile program called SCORE! and the way the company will allow folks to get an early upgrade. We weren’t sure exactly which handsets were included in the promotion, but a new T-Mobile SCORE! leak appears to have spilled the beans.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G sale starts January 24 without registration

redmi note 4g

Whenever the Redmi Note 4G goes on sale, there are usually a few strings attached. Registrations and limited quantities have kept a lot of folks from picking up the popular handset, but that will change for a few hours starting on January 24th with the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G sale.

The LG G4 announcement delayed until Spring

LG G4 stylus

Next month at MWC, there will be a slew of new handsets and tablets on display as manufacturers try to lure consumers in to scoop up their new tech. Unfortunately, a new report says one flagship is going to be missing as the LG G4 announcement has been delayed until the Spring.