Why iOS 7 problems shouldn’t put you off updating


Since iOS 7 was released for general use there has been a mixed reception about the updated Apple mobile operating system. Whereas some appreciate the many improvements, features and new design, others have hit various issues and just don’t like the new look. Here’s why you shouldn’t let iOS 7 problems put you off updating.

While many iOS device users have already updated to iOS 7 and it’s in-built with the new iPhone 5S and 5C, there are some people who have been deterred from updating. However, despite the various issues there are plenty of reasons why the update is worthwhile in our opinion.

We have already reported on some of the various problems that some users have encountered with iOS 7 so far. These include faster than usual battery drain, slower performance (on older devices), apps crashing, features that are missing on some devices, security flaws, and even Touch ID fingerprint sensor hacks.

Other aspects that concern some users are that many apps haven’t yet been updated to iOS 7 and the fact that once you upgrade you can no longer downgrade to iOS 6 if you don’t like it. This has even led to some conspiracy theories as to why Apple has blocked downgrading.

There have been numerous reports about many of the above issues, and when you look at these drawbacks altogether it can be pretty worrying. However, while we cannot deny that these are concerns for some users, maybe we should focus more on the many new features and improvements instead.

Two new additions that are earning a lot of praise for example are the Control Center and improved notifications. The Control Center gives users quick and easy access to functions such as the camera, audio playback controls, Airdrop and Airplay. It enables users to adjust brightness settings, switch wireless services on and off and more, all from one convenient hub.

Meanwhile enhanced Notifications now has three tabs, Today, Missed or All for easier reference. Another notable addition is improvements to Siri, which is now more personable and has Wikipedia integration and also enables the user to change settings by voice.

There’s also the aforementioned Airdrop and enhanced Multitasking. For instance Airdrop enables users to easily send videos, photos and other content to nearby iOS devices via Wi-Fi. The improvements to multitasking make it much easier to switch between apps and to close multiple apps by swiping. Another change comes in the form of the improved and customizable App Store. For instance users can now search by age and also turn on automatic updates.

We shouldn’t forget that there has also been plenty of admiration for the totally revamped design of iOS 7, and for many people it’s worth updating to iOS 7 simply because of this. We really like the cleaner, more simplistic design, but acknowledge that while this is a plus point for many people, there are other users who just do not like it at all.

Ultimately, we feel that when you consider the many positive points about iOS 7 this outweighs the negative aspects. If you haven’t yet updated to iOS 7 you may want to reconsider your decision, especially as many of the drawbacks so far are teething problems that are likely to be solved with updates.

It would be interesting to hear from readers about this. If you already upgraded your device to iOS 7 are you pleased that you did so, or do you have regrets? If you have still to update, what is it that concerns you most about iOS 7? Let us know with your comments.


19 thoughts on “Why iOS 7 problems shouldn’t put you off updating”

  1. Batie says:

    I really use my phone a lot for work. I haven’t upgraded for the simple reason I need all the apps I use for work to be iOS 7 ready. I want to upgrade but its not worth the headache

  2. Bonedatt says:

    I should have stayed on iOS 6. My 32gb wifi iPad 2 with 11GB of available space has been having unnecessary issues since the update to 7.0.2. Apps crash constantly, keyboard would freeze for no reason while typing, playing games like temple run that involves swiping up can trigger the control centre, and the colours… OMG is overkill. I welcome the automatic updates, control centre, multitasking and cleaner notification but not the frustration that comes along with updating. The number of times that I restart my iPad now is ridiculous. I’m not sure older devices should be updating to iOS 7.

  3. Crappy says:

    I absolutely hate iOS 7. I feel like I’m looking at child drawn apps and the extra memory used for the upgrade is ridiculous. We’ll done apple yet another draw back to your state of the art programming with no option to upgrade the memory needed for the update. Let’s take the few options you did have and get rid of them so everyone is exactly the same. Not to mention the nauseating screen movement. And blinding white with crappy text. Ugly ugly ugly. Android here I come.

  4. Jay says:

    I am absolutely grateful Apple came out with IOS 7; I was simply blown away… User for some 10 years plus of blackberry and two years of Samsung 3 more recently I came back to Apple, switch coinciding when IOS 7 came out, Wow Is all I can say. No wonder you can only purchase 5S on back order…

  5. tyson101 says:

    I have downloaded the new IOS 7 and so far , my phone is having problems staying connected while talking to someone , the web pages take 4 times longer to load if at all , and its really bad design when we users cant revert back to the previous version , at least until these serious flaws are resolved , I feel its been put out there to early without being properly sorted, BAD MOVE APPLE

  6. Grim says:

    IOS 7 is causing an incredible lag with application response. The keyboard typing is slow to respond also and the keys stick, especially the backspace key. This update was not ready for prime-time.

  7. Jose Hernandez says:

    I real dislike ios 7. I am a simple user and use the phone for calls, texting, internet and google maps. Simple tasks have become complicated. When I am searching on yahoo, many times I can not get rid of the back button at the bottom.There are to many bars that take space on the screen. If I press something wrong all kinds of screens pop up. I am spending a lot of time learning how to do simple things. Before I just used to press the middle button if I was lost.How is this an improvement? Maybe Apple does not care about computer illiterate people like me. However, they should remember that it was people like me that made apple a household name. I guess Steve Jobs knew what he was doing when he made products that were helpful and entertaining for the common person. Also the graphics and setup for ios7 are repulsive and unattractive. I gravitated to Apple because of the design and the integrating experience. Now I am annoyed by Apple and so are my friends and many of my coworkers. I wish I could go back to ios 6. I am probably not explaining myself clearly but I am experiencing and feeling what I am going through. I could show someone what I experience to demonstrate that Apple has changed their focus in pleasing the common consumer. I do not want to spend a large portion of my time learning how to use the internet or the phone. Right now I am so frustrated that I am spending my time complaining to Apple, to other users and posting online. Life was so much easier before and ios7 has complicated something that was simple and enjoyable. Hope someone at Apple talks with common folk like me. They might learn something or maybe they don’t need to care since I am a minority opinion and my experience, feelings, and point of view are insignificant.

  8. shano says:

    Guess what, Apple you lost me, I am so P****d off with this new OS7, I’m swapping to Samsung, Apple are losing their appeal and it is not too hard to see why? Enjoy your time in the sun Apple, you will be like Blackberry in about 5 years time, you have no inovation left.

  9. Chetan Francis Pinto says:

    My new ipad 4 got a passcode lock after upgrading to ios7 (supposed to be a bug). The preinstalled OS seemed good. But now everything seems to be just slow like a snail. In addition whatever I could achieve in 2 minutes is taking me 2 hours including the recovery mode which I had to use in order to get rid of the passcode!! First time Apple user.

  10. Kirstie says:

    I hate it because its slowed down everything and my screen keeps freezing. I’ve resisted from updating my ipad for this reason.
    I loved my iPhone before but now I’m considering switching. Apple, what were you thinking?

  11. PCPC says:

    Let me see where to start:
    -I have an iPhone 5 (previous generation), but it struggles with IOS7 at time, and crashes sometimes when I am running basic apps, such as Safari. It’s not that my phone is too old for it (I guess…) and I never had this kind of issue before with other IOS.
    – The animations are irritating and it feels like it takes forever to open a simple app now.
    – Ultra-fast battery drainage (even with auto-update turned off)
    – IOS 7 looks like a design concept that wasn’t fully developed, but was thrown out there because Apple was running out of time for the release date. It feels like my 4 year old took a box of crayons and had some fun with my phone. Guys, less is more, and more colors don’t mean the “cool effect” will be bumped up!
    – Yeah… It seems that happiness does not lie on the IOS7.

  12. VJH says:

    I bought my iPhone 5 about three months ago and really loved it. I downloaded ios7.2 and my apps keep crashing, the screen freezes, dont receive text messages and whatsapp messages. I wish I had either stayed on ios6 or had bought a Samsung

  13. Hoffmeister says:

    Not happy at all. Update pop occurs on a Sunday so go ahead with it and regret it as soon as I do so, no phone for the wholes day, and as soon as everything went pear shaped you can`t contact Apple Customer Service department as there not in office on Sundays. Very frustrating. Since eventually updating, phone [ iPhone 4s ] is now losing battery quicker, a problem that had just resolved itself recently, pictures were lost, as the so called back up of files features never seems to work, and when listening to iTunes there seems to be a slight delay between songs, longer than usual. Not the end of the world I know but we`re not all geeks out here, some of us ate novices. Losing a whole day due to a simple upgrade / download is absurd TBH. but hey, as I say, i`ts not the end of the world and there is always Samsung. Yes?

  14. L says:

    I have never seen such a big discrepancy between “expert reviews” and opinions coming from actual users.

    As an actual user of the product and somewhat of an apple fan (like the product, dislike the company) I have to say I am very disappointed with this update. If you only have one device, do the safe thing and postpone updating until you actually see it in action. Do not let all the experts tell you how great it is, see for yourself.

    It’s difficult to put it into words. The best I can come up with it to say that the device became unpleasant to use after the update. There are many small things wrong with it, but for me the biggest disappointment was that it took the joy out of using the device. And this is a very big loss in my opinion. Whenever I have to use it, I cringe where before I was looking forward to having an excuse to take it out of the pocket.

    I honestly hope I am not very representative of apple’s target audience, because if I am they lost a lot with this latest update. For the first time in years I am no longer sure I will stick to apple product the next time I will buy a device. Congratulations on the “revolutionary” design!

  15. Bharv53 says:

    I can’t access iTunes Store since iOS 7 upgrade on my iPhone 5. Is anyone else experiencing same problem? Really disappointed with Apple after many happy years using the iPhone !!

  16. Chris Brown says:

    Vent your frustrations in FB Boycot IOS 7
    it’s just terrible
    i wish i could go back
    if only i can warn enough people before it’s too late.

  17. Ace says:

    If you have bad eye sight or like contrast, DO NOT update.
    It is horrible color contrast. This is my first and last apple product. Loved it before 7, cried when I saw what everything looked like and cried more when I discovered there is no roll back

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