iPhone 5S, sensible or stupid buy


The iPhone 5S released a few weeks ago alongside the less premium iPhone 5C. On the one hand the spec improvements and features from iOS 7 have gathered a lot of positivity, but there have definitely been some problems too. That’s why we’re asking about the iPhone 5S, and whether it’s sensible or stupid to purchase one.

There will be some people thinking of buying an iPhone for the first time, as well as others wondering whether it’s worthwhile upgrading from the iPhone 5 or previous iPhone. There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5S benefits from some real spec enhancements, with a new 64-bit A7 processor, M7 motion co-processor, and of course the much-lauded Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

As well as this the iPhone 5S launched running the new iOS 7, and people new to the iPhone are likely to find this easy to use and offering a good all-round experience. Those with the iPhone 5 or earlier who have updated to iOS 7 have very mixed feelings though, especially since certain issues came to light.

We’ve been reporting on the various problems that have emerged with iOS 7 so far, and some of these seem to affect some iOS devices more than others. The new iPhone 5S appears to have some specific problems too, and it’s not yet sure whether these are all hardware or software related.

Just recently we’ve heard of a ‘blue screen’ problem, and yesterday we discussed the apps crashing problem for the iPhone 5S. It’s thought this latter problem could be to do with difficulties transitioning apps to the new 64-bit processor and M7 co-processor.

Some new iPhone 5S owners also reported that the latest iOS 7.0.2 update caused several issues with some even saying their devices are now bricked. Even the new fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5S was already hacked, sparking a debate about the security of the device. The iPhone 5S has also been one of the devices hit by an iMessage problem.

While some of these difficulties will no doubt be ironed out with further software updates, that may not be the case with all of the concerns encountered so far. Add this to the difficulties actually getting hold of the iPhone 5S model that you want, and you can understand why some might be wondering if it might not be better waiting for the iPhone 6 instead.

There are some undoubted advantages of the iPhone 5S with its smooth and fast performance being noted amid many positive reviews of the phone. In that respect it might seem a sensible purchase to some. However, considering some of the issues so far there are others who feel it would be an unwise choice and that those who purchase it will just be following a trend.

If you are considering upgrading from your current iPhone then you now have a difficult choice, and only you can decide whether it’s worthwhile after taking all of the above into account. If you’re still keen to buy then this is obviously your best option, and many people are pleased with their iPhone 5S purchase. However, if you’re not completely sure then it might be best to hold off buying it right now.

We’d really like to hear your opinions on this. Have you already upgraded to the iPhone 5S, and if so are you pleased that you did? Maybe you’ve had some of the above problems with your iPhone 5S and therefore wouldn’t recommend buying it to other readers? Perhaps you’ve now decided to wait for the iPhone 6? Send your comments to let us know.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5S, sensible or stupid buy”

  1. William says:

    If you are not looking for a camera upgrade the rest is fluff…the iPhone 5 is fast and
    solid….the iphone 5s finger sensor is not a game changer and we can live without it…stick with the iPhone 5 until the next gen iPhone 6

  2. Kevin says:

    Hmmmm I beg to differ actually… For starters the phone feels more solid, I found the iphone 5 just a bit too light but the 5s has a perfect balance. The finger sensor is a game changer – it’s just so easy to use and after only a month picking up a 5 without the sensor just feels wrong. The battery is amazing – I am a heavy user with the 5 I struggled to make it through a day but not with the 5s.

    Space grey…… A cheeky mod cause apple knew the 5 scratched way to easy.

    Ok it’s not perfect it’s got a few minor bugs here and there but hey that’s all part of the fun.

    Iphone 5s a sensible buy – um not sure it’s sensible as it’s only a phone but def not a stupid buy…..

  3. Paul says:

    This is my first iPhone, upgrading from a dated android device (T-mobile myTouch). I have not experienced any of the problems mentioned, in fact I’ve had no problems what so ever. Messaging has worked without any problems, no problem with the finger sensor (though for some reason I have to constantly log back into the app store due to some issue). The phone is extremely fast. Moving from 4g to LTE makes a huge difference. The battery lasts much longer then my old phone. I’m not a heavy user and can normally get a little over two days on a charge and the battery charges very fast. I personally like the size. These 5 inch android phones almost look like tablets to me. I was also considering the HTC One, but actually prefer the size of the iPhone. I’ve had the phone about two weeks now and am delighted with it. No regrets at this time.

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