US Soccer League 2010 iPhone App with Push Notifications

US Soccer League 2010 iPhone App with Push Notifications

Are you being updated on all the latest news about the US Soccer? Well you might want to consider downloading the US Soccer League 2010 iPhone App, this is an old app but you will be happy to know it now has Push Notifications. Due to popular demand you will now get push notification with […]

iPhone 4G Ads and Promotions Starring Lady Gaga: Prefer AppleGirl

iPhone 4G Ads and Promotions Starring Lady Gaga

Apparently Lady Gaga is reportedly to be starring in the new iPhone 4G ads and promotions; personally we prefer AppleGirl aka Applegirl002. Lady Gaga is stunning and produces very good music, costumes and videos of her own, so to see her in these new video ads will be fantastic. According to 9to5mac Apple has signed […]

The Conservative Party General Election App: David Cameron Prime Minister

The Conservative Party General Election App

How did you hear about Gordon Brown resigning and David Cameron becoming Prime Minister, please let us know if you found out via a smartphone app just like “The Conservative Party General Election App” or anything similar. Cameron has accepted the Queens invitation to be the new British Prime Minister, which means Labour, is out. […]

Google Maps update for Android now has Bike directions plus more


For any of you guys out there running Android 1.6 or above as we have some good new for you thanks to a recent article over at It is a fantastic update for Google Maps, which includes some very nice new toys for you to get around. The new goods for you now include […]

Verizon iPhone still possible apparently?


There has been so many reports so far this week in relation to Verizon iPhone on it’s way then not on it’s way and so on. Now a report over at via puts another spin on it. We reported earlier today here, on what was the latest at the time that the Apple […]

HTC EVO 4G release before June 6


A very interesting article has just appeared over on in relation to the HTC EVO 4G and its pending release date. It seems that Sprint may well be intending to release the HTC Evo 4G prior to the rumoured date of June 6th as information is leaked from an Android certification engineer working on […]

Nokia X2 up close coming in June


The Nokia X range isn’t always about the latest and the greatest Nokia devices and just to prove it we have the Nokia X2 which crept out last month according to a recent post over on The new handset is expected to come out at some point during June and comes with the promise […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 Q4 Launch, Storm 4 in 2011: iPhone Killer

BlackBerry Storm 3 Q4 Launch, Storm 4 in 2011- iPhone Killer

Looks like RIM is about to take the world by storm with its new device unveiling, apparently according to Tested the BlackBerry Storm 3 will have a Q4 launch and the Storm 4 will launch in 2010, and it has been said that the BlackBerry Storm 4 will be considered as the iPhone Killer. RIM […]

Samsung Guru 1175 for India Announced, Specs and Price


There is a new phone for all those in India, say hello to the Samsung Guru 1175 that has just recently been announced, his is an entry-level mobile phone that has simplicity written all over it. The Samsung Guru 1175 has been seen over on MobileStore for only Rs. 1,459, which is around $32, a […]

Windows Mobile 7 RC1 escrow build leaked


The latest mobile operating system flavour to be officially announced from Microsoft is Windows Mobile 7 and is getting nearer and nearer to its final version according to an article over at The latest build of the Window Phone 7 which has leaked into the open is said to be the RC1 escrow build […]