HTC Desire Android Smartphone UK Version Expansys Sale

HTC Desire Android Smartphone UK Version Expansys Sale

I really want the HTC Desire smartphone? Is this a question you have been asking yourself, well if it is, you will be happy to know that Expansys is offering the UK version of this handset. Expansys is selling the HTC Desire unlocked for only £439.99, this will be supplied network-unlocked, which means you can […]

HTC Desire Tweet for Free on 3


Mobile network 3 has recently announced some exciting news surrounding the HTC Desire. The HTC Desire is launching on 3 and what’s more is you can Tweet for free as Twitter comes free for ever. Regardless of which phone you happen to have, regardless of what time it is 3 Mobile customers will be able […]

Nexus One problems still and on way to UK will you want one?


When it was first launched the Google Nexus One there were a few problems that were reported actually quite a few. Mainly the problems seemed to lie in the bad or poor 3G reception and also calls cutting out half way through a conversation. Another reported complaint was that text messages never got sent and […]

Samsung M1 exclusive to Vodafone for PAYG customers


Here is some good news for Samsung M1 fans on pay as you go with on Vodafone. Vodafone have announced the launch of the Samsung M1 which is exclusive to the company and now customer interested can choose this device. The handset which is exclusive to Vodafone is ideal for those customers that wish to […]

HTC Incredible user guide is out now


Well here we have some interesting reading for you, the User Guide for the HTC Incredible is out there right now all 205 pages of it. Our thanks goes to the guys over at for this information from Anonimac. Anonimac a member of the Android Forums and Forum Phone Guide managed to get hold […]

Sony Ericsson Elm Now Offered by Vodafone UK

Sony Ericsson Elm Now Offered by Vodafone UK

The Sony Ericsson Elm handset is part of Sony Ericsson’s environmentally friendly Greenheart range and can now be gained in the United Kingdon via Vodafone UK reports an article over on fonehome. The Sony Ericsson Elm comes with an energy efficient charger which automatically stops charging the handset once it is fully charged, and the […]

T Mobile interested in iPhone 4G along with Verizon


A rather interesting report from the folks over at via in relation to T Mobile and the hint of another interested party for the iPhone. It seems that T Mobile are actually offering customers up to $350 if they wish to trade in their current iPhone in return for an HTC HD2 handset. […]

iPhone, iPad, Foxconn and Attempted Suicides

iPhone, iPad Foxconn and Attempted Suicides

Well now we all know just how secretive Apple can be over anything to do with the iPhone and iPad, but is it this ultra secrecy that is driving workers at the manufacturing plant that makes Apple gadgets, Foxconn, to attempt suicide? According to an article over on The Telegraph, the latest attempted suicide in […]

Video: Windows Phone 7 Alienware Phone Concept.

Video: Windows Phone 7 Alienware Phone Concept.

Well we all know Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is coming but we do need a few smartphone for the operating system to run on and we have a video of a Windows Phone 7 concept phone for your viewing pleasure today. The Windows Phone 7 concept has been created by Egyptian conceptual artist, Sherif Mohsen […]

iPhone 4G Release Date 27th June at WWDC

iPhone 4G Release Date 27th June at WWDC

We already know that Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone OS, iPhone OS 4.0 at their event later today, but what about the launch of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G, iPhone 2010, iPhone HD or whatever they are calling it these days. Well apparently the guys over at nexus404 have a leaked […]