Twitter Gains Ex-Palm VP of Software Michael Abbott

Twitter Gains Ex-Palm VP of Software Michael Abbott

The Palm exec that jumped ship the other day, which we reported on and can be read (here) is apparently taking over as the VP of engineering at social networking site Twitter as of the 3rd of May reports an article over on the WSJ. Apparently Michael Abbott’s new position with Twitter was confirmed by […]

iPhone and Android Affect Nokia; May show Lower Q1 Profit

iPhone and Android Affect Nokia; May show Lower Q1 Profit

According to an article posted over on business week, Nokia Oyi may report their 2nd lowest profit in over a decade for the first quarter as rivals like the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones reduce prices. Net income might have tripled to €404 million from €122 million the previous year as orders reduced due to […]

Microsoft Kin One and Two Specs


Think back to last week, you may remember that the Redmond based software giant Microsoft officially unveiled a new series of mobile phones Kin One and also Kin Two. If you missed that article you can catch it here. At the time very little was known in relation to the specs of the devices until […]

Gizmodo iPhone 4G Mayhem: Will Apple change design now?

Gizmodo iPhone 4G Mayhem: Will Apple change design now?

As probably the whole mobile world is now aware, the guys over at Gizmodo outed just about everything to do with what was reportedly a lost or stolen iPhone 4G, which included numerous details, video coverage, pictures, and even dissected the highly secretive new iPhone which have since been spread across the internet. Basically what […]

T mobile – Garmin Asus Android Garminfone


Thanks to the folks over at via T for this breaking news in relation to Garmin Asus and T Mobile’s new phone. We have known for some time now that Garmin Asus and T Mobile have been working on a phone with T Mobile’s 3G bands but now we have some more information […]

New iPhone 4G vs. HTC Incredible: Smartphone Faceoff

New iPhone 4G vs. HTC Incredible- Smartphone Faceoff

Now it is time for the smartphone faceoff between two awesome contenders, you have the new Apple iPhone 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible to choose from. This is where iPhone versus Android, the HTC Incredible can be pre-ordered right now and will be delivered to you on April 29, the 4th-generation iPhone has not […]

Multitouch on HTC resistive screen honestly


Here is something that will probably start some serious talking Multitouch on a resistive screen? Honestly can this actually be possible? Well it seems so according to the report from the chaps over at If we have learnt anything from the encounters with the firm known as Stantum then we should have realised that […]

Palm WebOS Smartphones for France SFR; Wont Save Palm Though

Palm WebOS Smartphones for France SFR; Wont Save Palm Though

Palm along with SFR have announced that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones will become available in France on SFR’s online store as of the 27th of April and in all SFR stores as of the 11th of May reports palm investor. Palm’s chairman and chief exec officer, Jon Rubinstein has said […]

Telefonica allows time for dust to settle by allowing free telepresence


We are all aware of just how much disruption the Volcanic ash is causing across the world, many people stranded in various places and still not able to travel home. Telefonica have announced that they are going to be offering free use of it’s eight European telepresence online conference suites to both customers of the […]

Apple Earnings: iPhone Record Sales Reported

iPhone Record Sales Reported by Apple

For the 3rd consecutive quarter Apple had raised the bar in smartphone sales as Apple has reported record sales of the iconic iPhone and also set a record of Mac sales for the first quarter of any year reports an article over on computer world. For the quarter ending the 31st of March, Apple recorded […]