Verizon HTC Incredible Droid Phone: Full Official pricing details

Verizon HTC Incredible Droid Phone Full Official pricing details

This morning James reported official details of the Verizon HTC Incredible Droid Phone, and that you can now pre-order your device. Well we will give you full pricing details, which will help you decide what plan, is best for you. The price for the month-on-month plan is $529.99, you can also choose the 1-year contract […]

BlackBerry and WebOS Flash 10.1 Delayed Confirms Adobe CEO

BlackBerry and WebOS Flash 10.1 Delayed Confirms Adobe CEO

In an interview with Fox Business, Shantanu Naraven, the CEO of Adobe Systems spoke on Adobe Flash 10.1 and that it will arrival for the BlackBerry and Palm webOS smartphone a tad later than first expected and should arrive in the 2nd half of this year. Originally Adobe Flash 10.1 for BlackBerry and webOS smartphone […]

HTC Droid Incredible Pre-order Page live on Verizon Website

HTC Droid Incredible Pre-order Page live on Verizon Website

Well for all you HTC Droid Incredible hungry out there in the big ole US, you can now pre-order your HTC Droid Incredible as engadget reports that Verizon Wireless has now gone live with their HTC Droid Incredible pre-order page. The Verizon pre-order page also gives the delivery date of the HTC Droid Incredible as […]

iPhone 4G Images are Real Deal

iPhone 4G Images are Real Deal

What with all the speculation, rumour and suppose iPhone 4G images popping up on the net waves it is sometimes difficult to know what is real and what isn’t however the guys over at engadget are pretty certain they have posted an image of the real deal iPhone 4G. Some time ago the guys posted […]

HTC Droid Incredible Debut Walkthrough Video

HTC Droid Incredible Video Walkthrough

It’s the hot smartphone most have been waiting for to hit the Big Red network, of course it’s the HTC Droid Incredible and we have for your viewing pleasure today a video walkthrough of the much awaited Android smartphone. The HTC Droid Incredible Walkthrough video lasts just over two minutes and comes courtesy of the […]

New iPhone 4G (HD) 2010 photos: Possible 80GB Storage!

New iPhone 4G (HD) 2010 photos- Possible 80GB Storage!

New photos of the Apple iPhone 4G (or HD, whatever the name) has been posted over on Engadget’s site, and must admit after looking at the pictures we like it. Engadget got their hands on this new device somehow, do not ask us how but they did on the new device, the handset was found […]

Nokia N86 problems affecting microUSB charging port?


The Nokia N86 which happens to be the first handset the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia have launched on the market with a 8 megapixel camera apparently comes with some problems as well. The issues have been reported to be hardware issues, and a large number of Nokia N86 units have been brought in for […]

Black HTC Desire at Orange UK


Orange UK have just added another new mobile phone to its online offering and that is the HTC Desire in Black. The HTC desire is already available for purchase through various carriers although the Black version is only present in Orange’s offering. The HTC Desire at present still has the coming soon tag on the […]

White BlackBerry Bold at T Mobile to land May 5th


It is expected that T Mobile wireless carrier is going to be releasing soon two new mobile phones, a White BlackBerry Bold 9700 from RIM Research in Motion and also the Samsung T959 which is an Android based handset which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. The White BlackBerry Bold 9700 is certain to […]

Microsoft Kin Facebook page has over 50,000 fans


Microsoft’s new phones officially unveiled a few days ago known as Kin One and Kin Two seem to be enjoying increased levels of interest from users according to a recent article over at At present the KIN Facebook page has already gained over 50,000 fans and 20,000 of them over the past 12 hours […]