iPad 5, iPhone 5C and 5S parts leaked so far


New Apple devices always generate a huge amount of interest, and at the moment there is a huge amount of speculation regarding the next iPads and iPhones. We’ve been reporting on many rumors and insights surrounding these devices and have now seen component sightings many times. With that in mind we thought we’d take a look at iPad 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S parts that have leaked so far.

The consensus of tech opinion and news we’ve seen so far points to the next generation iPhone being the iPhone 5S and we think an introduction of this device is only a few more weeks away now, with a release around September or October. A much-rumored budget iPhone also looks to be on the way, dubbed the iPhone 5C, while the upcoming iPad 5 also looks set for a fall release.

Starting with the iPad 5 we recently showed viewers a video purporting to show the casing for the next-generation iPad. We had some doubts about this video though as the bezels of the device were rather thicker than expected. In previous leaked photos claiming to be iPad 5 rear casings everything seemed to indicate that the bezels of the tablet would be much slimmer this time around.

Since the first leaks and news of the iPad 5 there have been consistent rumors that the device would have slimmer bezels and back in April we also saw some early part leaks surface that tied in with this idea.


Moving on to the iPhone 5C, the supposed cheaper iPhone, we recently showed a video that alleges to show the casings of this device. This depicted what looks to be a plastic iPhone contrasted against the build of the iPhone 5 and there is plenty of speculation regarding what the ‘C’ stands for.

Some have suggested ‘cheap’ but this is highly unlikely as Apple would not want to associate any of its devices with a tag such as this. It’s possible it could stand for ‘Color’ though, as there have been many rumors about the so-called budget iPhone coming in a variety of color options. Prior to the video showing the casings we also saw some leaked internals that claim to be from the iPhone 5C.


Now on to the much-anticipated iPhone 5S, and we have seen many leaked parts and components now that claim to be from this upcoming smartphone. In July we informed readers about a leaked image apparently showing the aluminum body of the iPhone 5S and earlier that month we also shows some leaked images of colored casings for the budget iPhone and also the chassis of the iPhone 5S.

In June we saw an image of batteries for the iPhone 5S, and in another post we showed purported iPhone 5S display assemblies on the production line showing redesigned flex cable connectors. In the same month we also saw an image reported to be of the rear cover of the iPhone 5S, an image comparing the display assembly of the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 5, and also a logic board claiming to be from the iPhone 5S. As well as this we told about a site listing various iPhone 5S replacement parts and more component leaks including the front camera and home button.

Even back in May we were already seeing reports of leaked parts for the iPhone 5S including the loudspeaker bracket, SIM card tray, Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon and more. As far back as April we also saw leaked images emerge purporting to be of the iPhone 5S camera module.

One of the most consistent rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S though, is a fingerprint scanner. We have been seeing growing evidence that this is on the way for many months now, since back in January in fact, and code from iOS 7 beta 4 showed up support for a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button. However, we recently told of reports that there could be shortages of the chips that support fingerprint recognition.


In the latest iPhone 5S parts leak (here) that shows a nano-SIM tray, speaker button, charger connector and more, a new image shows the home button flex and this does NOT seem to show fingerprint scanner technology. This has now thrown doubt on whether a fingerprint scanner will be included after all.

There have certainly been many leaked parts and components so far for the next round of iPhones and iPads, and we are likely to see many more before these devices are officially revealed by Apple. However, it’s important to bear in mind that these leaks cannot be verified and although some may well be authentic, we cannot know at this stage. Also of course, they could be the real deal but from early prototypes of the devices that could be changed before the final versions are released.

Are you one of the many people waiting avidly for confirmed details of the iPad 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. We’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on the leaked images and videos of parts so far so do send us your comments. Are you hoping the iPad 5 has much slimmer bezels? Let us know if you think the fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5S will materialize? What are your thoughts on a budget iPhone 5C?

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